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Solar Energy 


Week One: Online meet and greet 
Week Two:  All things solar energy
Week Three: Solar power persuasion
Week four: Building a boat

Unit overview:

Throughout this unit, students will investigate solar energy as a source of electricity. They will be able to explain how solar energy is collected and how it is converted into electricity in order to power common everyday objects. They will also learn why solar energy is a more sustainable way of generating electricity than other sources still used today. Students will be able to identify both the benefits and limitations to using solar energy. Finally, students will have hands on experience collecting and generating solar energy as they produce their own solar powered object.


Welcome to week one!

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Rules For Our Digital classroom 

 1) Always be kind and considerate of other users when posting

2) Swearing or offensive language is not allowed 

3) Forums are to be used for content related to this course. There will be a designated area for off-topic chatter and sharing fun weekend stories.

4) Course content is designed to be completed at your preferred pace. However, all students must particpate in the activities weekly and must complete the activities by the Sunday night of each week.

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